White Snow and the 7 Storms

OK, look, what is it going to take to convince you that PUNTA GORDA and Charlotte County in Southwest Florida is the paradise you NEED to be living in?

Oh, you say a major snow storm might convince you?  How about SEVEN snow storms and 3 arctic BLASTS of record setting sub-zero temperatures!  A new major storm is on the way and it is just the end of FEBRUARY!  And we both watch the Weather Channel, MARCH will be the "lion of WINTER"!  Yes, I realize your home is BURIED under at least 8 feet of snow with more coming, so you really can't list it to sell for a couple of months.  BUT, you can get down here ASAP and find a home or condo still at low prices to establish your little piece of paradise!  Your neighbors down the street got here yesterday and are shopping for a place as we speak.  They will probably sell their home in the TUNDRA before you can dig yours out.

Oh well, I have been telling you for 3 years now...."come join us in PARADISE!"....what are you WAITING for?  BTW, the new storm coming your way is named "SPARTA" since you are probably on a "first name basis" with all of them.  It's funny, all of those storms are scared to death of Southwest Florida.  Why, you ask?  Average temperature for this time of year here is 80 degrees....jus' sayin'.

Come see me.

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