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The above photo is of empty boxes of SMART HOME components. Pat and I installed the array of features contained in the assembled products. The ONLY TOOLS required were a pair of pliers, a philips and straight blade screw driver and a pair of needle nose pliers. The installation of its subsequent software on the smart phone was incredibly simple. Components consist of a door lock, remote lighting switches, a digital camera and a smart thermostat. Last to install will be the Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Sensor. It is really cool to turn on and off your house lights from the smart phone setting in the driveway.

A footnote, the camera is SO SENSITIVE, it notified us of motion in the living room and when we looked it was the shimmer of the pool on the wall in the late afternoon sunset.

Pat and I are extremely pleased with the quality of the components. During our attendance at GEN BLUE in South Beach Miami, we became SMART HOME CERTIFIED. With this installation we assured all our clients that if in fact you want YOUR HOME to stand out as listing, this is a quick and reasonable way to do it.

This is the wave of the future, don't get washed out to sea.

Elaine Martin

Elaine Martin

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