SW Florida Real Estate-"I'd rather be shoveling sunshine than snow."

In 1986 there was about an hour and half of snow flurries in Port Charlotte, Florida. Since snow rarely flies in Port Charlotte, Florida, Punta Gorda, Florida or Englewood, Florida, it was a real surprise to all of us to look up and see white flakes flying into the air and some landing on the green grass! 

Since that time, we may have had, maybe, an hour or so each year of temperatures that fall into the low 40's, upper 30's, but not freezing along the west coast of Florida, namely Port Charlotte, Florida, Punta Gorda, Florida and/or Englewood, Florida. The northern areas of Florida, namely Pensacola, Tallahassee, even Jacksonville, Florida can have snow that stays on the ground. But not, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and Englewood, Florida, along the west coast. 

The beautiful flowers bloom right through our winter and sometimes the flowers wilt a bit, but mostly, just keep blooming. 

The area children continue playing sports thru out the winter, walkers keep walking and bikers keep biking. The fish keep biting, the golfers continue playing and the sun keeps shining. 

No snow blowers or shovels here....................................

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