There are several steps a seller may take to aid in having a stress free move

1.    Get quotes from more than one Moving Company

2.     Find out if they charge by the load or by the box.

3.      What do they charge to pack? And what do they charge to unpack?

4.      Start sorting and filling the discard box that will be going to your favorite Charity

5.      Make a list of all the address changes.

6.     Mark all boxes  with the name of the items and also tHe name of the room.

if you will use some or all of these tips your move should go smoother and less stressful

My husband and I moved last week about 20 minutes from our old house. The move went smooth, zero broken and we were very pleased with the results.

Last I would like to say Thank You to all of my co-workers at the Morris Office. They took Model time and Office time for me and supported me 100 percent. 

Beverly Goad

Beverly Goad

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