What to do when you retire in Punta Gorda, FL

What are you going to do with all your time after your retire? Charlotte County offers over 500 non-profit organizations and charities. Punta Gorda, (or Punta Gorgeous, as I refer to it!) has over 280 of these wonderful organizations which serve a multitude of needs here in our community. If you are an animal lover, we have two unique groups, only found here out of the entire southeast. One is the Peace River Wildlife Center which is dedicated to nursing injured animals back to "healthy" and back to their natural environment. The majority of the patients are birds but occasionally a bobcat or panther may need treatment. Our community's eagle population is the most newsworthy and gets the headlines! Fortunately, we don't have eagle patients that often. The Center is non-profit of course and exists on donations from the community and volunteers that keep the facility open. Area Veterinarians donate their time and facilities to help keep the Center running. So, once you get down here and settled in, visit the Center at the extreme west end of town and volunteer a portion of your time. The other unique organization dedicated to animals is Octagon. This center is located in a more isolated area of East Charlotte County and for a good reason. Octagon is a "retirement home for large cats, (lions, 8 tigers, panthers, cheetahs, cougars) either "discarded" by idiotic human beings because the cats aren't "little and cute" anymore, or too old for the circus. You will also find elephants, tortoises, tapirs and assorted bears. Again, this is a not profit group. It exists because of donations, and the many volunteers that help make it one of the top refuge centers in the entire country. If helping animals is not your thing there are many other organizations dedicated to helping the needy, abuse, and homeless people of our community. As you might guess, the social events and fundraisers continue year round with many galas and dinners and exciting events including Charlotte County's own "Dancing with the Stars" which yours truly is involved with each year. As you can tell, I am crazy about Punta Gorgeous and you will be too when you come to visit our waterfront community. It is a  little piece of Paradise! Call me, I will be happy to show you around!