The Warm Florida Weather in Punta Gorda Find Your Punta Gorda Home

Brrrr... it's cold outside in much of the U.S. But not in Punta Gorda.

Punta Gorda, Florida, is a great place to move to if you're looking for a warm, tropical climate. Get away from the ice, snow and wind of the Midwest and the Northeast, with a place in Punta Gorda.

Generally, Punta Gorda's temperature year-round stays in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. On hot days in the summer, the temperature hovers in the upper 80s, and sometimes the 90s. If it's too hot for you, stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning. In the winter, the temperature can dip to the upper 40s or mid 50s, but when you consider other cities battling 0 degree temps in January and February, Punta Gorda is paradise.

Do you want a winter getaway in Florida? We can help you find the perfect place for your needs in Punta Gorda.

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