SW Florida Real Estate Hell-0 again from PARADISE

This week I want to direct my blog to all of you folks heading down here to shop for a second home or a retirement home. BTW, you are not alone! We are expecting the busiest selling season Southwest Florida has had. Why, you ask? This country is in the beginning of the largest retirement population ever with all the BABY-BOOMERS, or as we call it down here...the "SILVER SUNAMI". Florida is still the number 1 choice as a retirement destination. Arizona, North Carolina and New Mexico are the next 3. 

Our Season down here used to start mid to late January. It has already started, and with good reason! Our inventory of homes to sell is the smallest SW Florida has ever experienced. Our large property management department, the largest in our county, had rented out all their vacation rentals by the end of August. Rental inventories are also at an all-time low. What this means to you as a potential buyer is that you will be coming into a SELLERS market. When inventories are low and there is an abundance of Buyers as we are expecting, Sellers will get higher prices for their properties. Multiple offers become common place. A hint to you serious Buyers, make a good, fair offer on the properties you want. We are out of the "low ball offer" days of the past couple of years. Naturally, Sellers will take the best and highest offers on their homes. So would you.

So, come on down as soon as you can, and bring your checkbooks, and be prepared to buy QUICKLY! Call one of our many experienced Realtors from Coldwell Banker Schmidt Sunstar Morris Realty to get you started even before you get down. Our agents have been finding homes for folks just like yours for many years. They have been through the Sellers' markets before and know how to help you find that right home and how to assist through the buying process. You want an agent with a history of success. We have many. 

Call me when you get down and I'll buy you a cup of coffee and answer any questions you may have. 

Hurry up! it's already snowing in the TUNDRA!  

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