SW Florida Real Estate-Palm Island, A Unigque Tropical Retreat

Little more than a stone´s throw off the mainland in Charlotte County, Florida, lies a tiny jewel - aseries of interconnected bridgeless barrier islands, which has managed through the years to preserve the quintessential beauty and essence of what has been called "pure Florida".

These bridgeless barrier islands are flanked on the north by Manasota Key, and on the south by Boca Grande, and lie just offshore to the west of Englewood and Cape Haze, basking in the placid and sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

 These islands are comprised of, from north to south, Thornton Key, Knight Island, and Don Pedro Island, The three islands, referred to collectively as Palm Island or simply the Island, not only share common ground but common needs and a common history as well. And while each island retains its own individual character and charm, they have a solidarity and sense of community that makes them unique.

 Reached by a quaint 8 car ferry, islanders often speak of "crossing the water" and "being on island time." Making the short three minute trip from the mainland, time appears to slow down, the cares and worries of the outside world seem to drift away, and one´s eyes and mind are opened to the natural beauty that abounds.

 Seven miles of some of the most pristine beaches in all of Southwest Florida are accessible via private island owner entrances every 600 feet.  The shelling is beyond outstanding and sharks teeth abound.  Islanders and their families frolic in the waves and on the uncrowded beaches of this island paradise.  Kayakers and paddle-boarders while away the hours exploring the many picturesque island harbors and canals and the gentle waters of the Gulf.

 Once folks come to the island, they simply never want to leave……..


(Source: Excerpts and some paraphrasing from the text of the draft Island Community Plan)

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