SW Florida Real Estate-Defining Moment

Every once in a while a few occasions in a lifetime, we have that defining moment; you know the one when your head is talking to you and you are answering back! I remember just such a moment; my heads was talking about leaving my beloved New England. What you say …..I am a tried a true multi-generational, seafood lovin’, Red Sox cherrin’, sick to death of the brutal cold and snow NEW ENGLANDER.  How could I possibly live in Florida?  They say y’all, there are no hills and the seafood is just not the same. A friend of mine said  ”Only the weak bail out and go to Florida” Well with that being said I joined the legions of the weak.

I am so happy with my decision to live in a climate that suits my family and I.  Last Christmas during our big Traditional Christmas eve celebration at Pepre’ and Memre’s house with all the grandchildren, I wandered across the most hysterical site. A balmy Christmas breeze and a temp of 72 degrees led me to the front yard. There I joined  my Daughter, Son, Nephews  and all the Grandchildren on the front lawn in between all the Christmas decorations and twinkling lights were having a giant snow ball fight with thousands and thousands cotton balls. You see the moral to the story is follow your dreams and still keep the old traditions alive, but in a climate that we call PARADISE. 

Look for your SW Florida rental. 

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