SW Florida Lifestyle

I recently had the occasion to have a visit with some folks from back in New England that are going through the “making the Florida move” decision.­ We told them that we have never looked back since our decision, 12 years ago next month. ­We had survived a horrible winter the year before we left and simply decided that life is too short to live cold, miserable and locked up in the house for months at a time due to freezing temps and tons of snow and Ice. ­

My Husband and I find ourselves smiling sitting back and simply enjoying our Florida Lifestyle”. ­What do I mean by our ­“Florida lifestyle“­­ Well first of all the winter temperature is between 80 during the day and 60 at night, what’s not to love.­­ ­Summer temps are warm and tropical, and Thursday is music in the park evening just for your listening pleasure. ­The lifestyle theme is even evident in our housing choices, featuring bright open concept designs ­with lots of windows. ­Whether you like beaches, boating, swimming, biking, walking, golfing ­or simply sitting in an Adirondack chair watching the beautiful sunset sipping on a cocktail …… Florida has it all! ­­