National Magazine names Englewood Florida one of the 4 best hideways to retire

In its November/December issue, national magazine "WHERE TO RETIRE" named our own Englewood, Florida as one of the "Best 4 Hideways to Retire". Of course that is no surprise to us who sell real estate here.  Englewood is one of the best kept secret, finest small town coastal areas in the country to live!  Located directly on the Gulf Coast, its beautful, peaceful beaches are renowned for the casual lifestyle of the folks who bask in the sun and enjoy it every day.

Englewood, Florida is not one of those places you just happen upon while driving down Interstate I-75. You have to know it's here!  That's the beauty of it! Unhampered by curious tourists, although of course, once you find about Englewood, you tell someone, so there are tourists, the small town enjoys all of the perks of being a coastal  Gulf Coast community without all the hustle and bustle tourist traps that drive-by tourism can sometimes cause.

From stately, private manors on Manasota Key, (where there are more than just a few celebrites living quietly and undisturbed) to golf course gated communities as well, combined with some old and new Florida homes as well, Englewood has it all!  Great Restaurants, Great Beaches!   Most of all, Great people!

"Where to Retire" is not the first national publication to find out about Englewood.  Each time the area gets "rediscovered", more people come and once here, do whatever they can to stay.  Come find out for yourself!  We'll be here!