As the lead in question asks, are you ready to entertain your holiday guests and visitors? What does it take to be a good host to your guests from far and or near?

We are so blessed with many friends, and family from the the US as well as Europe so this becomes a very busy time of the year.

To share some of our guest log, we just concluded a great 10 day visit with our very special friends from Glasgow Scotland. Entertaining European guests is a little different from our US relatives. First it takes a while for their body clock to adjust so late mornings are the norm. Moreover, be prepared to have a hearty breakfast and always have milk for tea and coffee. Sugar is the norm, not our artificial sweeteners. If grilling, steaks, are always WELL done, and wine is considered a given for dinner.

To be gracious, know about what is going on in their home country. Know the exchange rate of the US DOLLAR to your guests currency. By all means know where the EU is housed, and what Brexit may mean going forward.

When entertaining friends and family from out of town, be prepared to have ideas on what to do to engage them in our cities many interesting events. They may enjoy the Lighted Boat Parade, Kingfisher Canal Tours, Fishermen's Village, and going downtown for dinner and drinks, as well as a fishing or boating trip on the harbor.

Not to be forgotten are visits to Edison's Winter Home in Ft. Myers as they have a beautiful holiday light display. This year we will also be able to take guests to the new Green City of Babcock Ranch for something unique on the Real Estate horizon. Babcock Ranch creates so much excitement with it's new and visionary life-style that it will become a mainstay for all our guests to visit.

In closing we can also recommend not watching the scales too closely as it may deflate the Christmas Spirit in you.

Stay healthy, be happy and enjoy your friends and visitors. Southwest Florida is a great place to showoff, and we really enjoy our cities resources to entertain our out of town guests.