Galaxy Note 4 VS Iphone 6 Plus (a SW Florida REALTORS view)

Galaxy Note 4 Vs iPhone 6 Plus (a REALTORS view)

What do I do!?!?! I have been debating on this for a while and found myself really torn between the two. As a Realtor® in Southwest Florida I use my phone for almost everything and with all the resources phones offer, it is important for me to choose the one that will be best suited for me and my needs. I have always had Android phones and to be honest was very happy with them. After buying the MacBook Air and iPad (very happy with both), I was pretty sure without a doubt that my next phone would be an Apple because I thought I HAD to sync them all together. 

Well, my frustration continued when the time came to make a choice. I had waited SO long in hopes that Apple would give me the option of a bigger screen and they did, so my concerns should have been over… Nope, that didn't happen. 

I began doing a little research and found all these complaints about the iPhone 6 bending! That really didn't bother me because I know that most likely someone put it in their back pocket and sat on it, but everyone seemed to run with it! So I thought, I’m going to spend $500 (after case and what not) only to have to wait two months to even get the phone and then it might BEND!! I then learned that it takes roughly 70lbs of pressure to bend the iPhone but… No, no, no, what’s the real story from all sources and who is saying this stuff?

So I put the stats next to each other and was really getting surprised. The Note 4 seemed better in almost every way and is less expensive. What the!! Now I had to figure out what to do because I need the best camera to take pictures of properties (Answer: Galaxy Note 4) and I needed to be able to get those pictures to my laptop easily (Answer: Dropbox or email). Then what about FaceTime? I have a iPad and MacBook so I can use the Note 4 as a hotspot and now I have got FaceTime, but I can also SKYPE on my Galaxy. Now about the bending, I know the iPhone 6 Plus will bend but I watched a video of the guy trying as hard as he could to bend the Note and NOTHING!!. Now I’m thinking… The Galaxy is cheaper, more durable, more pixels per inch,  better camera, has a stylist for quick notes and much much more, does everything I need the iphone6 to do and will be here a week sooner? This sounds like it should be easy but I am still not convinced because I was pretty set on the iPhone. 

It was time to make a choice now because if I keep waiting then the delivery date on my new iPhone 6 will be sometime next year. So I took my concerns to the people at my local Charlotte County store (who I have been bothering for months waiting for this iPhone) to help me out. Again, remember I was pretty set on the iPhone 6. I tried everything I could to convince them the iPhone 6 was better for me and my real estate career but they were not budging. They did not push me in one way or the other and were very professional but all said hands down they were getting the Note 4 and had switched from Apple to Android long ago. So to sum this all up my new Galaxy Note 4 will be here sometime next month and I feel confident about my choice. To all the rest of you… Happy hunting.-- 

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