The other day I was driving down the road and found myself singing to an old Eagles song from 1974, "Already Gone". The phrase "so often times we live our lives in chains, and never know we have the key". I laughed out loud, thinking back to my decision to purchase property in SW Florida. I had grown tired of the cold, snow and the difficult living conditions and woefully thought that "this is just what it is".

I have always imagined living in this warm, sub-tropical climate where flowers bloom year round and relaxing at the Tiki bar watching the sunset is a norm here in Charlotte County. You have the "key" to make your own five year plan a reality. Purchase now before prices reach their peak, place the property on the rental roles (either Annually or Seasonally) to off-set expenses until you have "unchained" yourself from the thought pattern "this is just what it is".

Join the countless folks that have made the decision to make Charlotte County the destination for their five-year plan!

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