5 Year Plan


I recently had another Birthday that prompted my Husband and I to begin discussions at home about planning the next chapter, the alternative is not appealing so bring on the Birthdays.  I love these “planning sessions” we begin with boundless possibilities and enjoy thoroughly exploring each one narrowing them down tweaking the options to fit our dreams. Have you ever dreamt about leaving the same old and cold behind? More and more people are sitting down to discuss, why not Florida, and I say why not Southwest Florida NOW!


Buy now while prices in Southwest Florida are very attractive then rent the property for income to offset taxes and insurance. Your Charlotte County investment will increase as demand for Florida Sunshine will drive property values up.  The demand for Seasonal and Annual housing is so strong in the Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port and Englewood areas that if you buy it ,,,,,we can RENT it.


  All of these benefits will be yours as you finalize your FIVE YEAR PLAN. PLAN  Perhaps it’s time to sell the house up north and downsize to a more maintenance free lifestyle, take your Social Security now or wait or even who will retire first? Only you can answer these and other important questions, work on your FIVE YEAR PLAN and have fun with the discussions and you carve out your next chapter.    


If you have any question please contact me and let’s chat.


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